McKinney Family Vineyards

Hand Crafted - Family Owned - Boutique Winery

We began with a passion for fine wine, optimism for the potential of Santa Barbara County Viticulture, a deep appreciation for family & friends, and living the highest quality of life imaginable.


"I wanted to create a family crest for our wine label which symbolized our families journey to wine country, and my gratitude to my parents for making that decision.  My dad is a Taurus (Bull), my mom a Libra (Scale) -- which is also significant with winemaking and balance, I am a Leo (Lion), The Vineyard brings us all together, and the Navigation Star is a symbol of our families journey to the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley." 

- Matt McKinney


This small family of three made their dreams a reality when they moved to the Santa Ynez Valley from the San Fernando Valley in 1994, long before most of the vineyards had been planted and the iconic movie Sideways was filmed. Little did they know it then, but the alluring pull of vines and fine wine would soon lead them into the wine industry... 

Meet the family


Winemaker Matt McKinney contemplating the next years vintage in the vineyard. Keep up to date with the families vineyard management and winemaking techniques, discussions on the world of wine, top wines and wineries, history of wine, and having fun in wine country!

"Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance."
- Benjamin Franklin