2017 Blood of Jove

2017 Blood of Jove

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Sangius Jovis, or "Blood of Jupiter" is the literal name for Sangiovese in Italian. "Jove" being short for Jupiter, or Jovis in Latin, is the name of the Roman god of sky and thunder and king of all gods in ancient Roman religion and mythology. Jovis is also the father of Bacchus, the god of wine, further illustrating the significance of this vitis vinifera grapevine in Roman culture. Sangiovese originates from Tuscany, Italy and has now found a new home with similar microclimate in the Santa Ynez Valley of California. In perfect vintages, the Blood of Jove runs through our veins and this 2017 Sangiovese is no exception.

Bright, tight cherry aromas and flavors of dried oregano, balsamic reduction, espresso and sweet tobacco. With a little coarseness and tartness on the palette, these are not flaws but classic characteristics of Sangiovese. This Chianti inspired Sangiovese smells and tastes like Italy.

Neutral French Oak
Aged 25 months in barrel
100% Sangiovese
Drink by: 5-15 years


Bright cherry, raspberry, white pepper, French vanilla, cardamom.


Velvet tannins, cherries, raspberry, cranberry, balsamic, dry Chianti finish.